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Skills Summary

Drummer – Jeff is an independent artist that has played in musicals, videos, clinics, countless studio sessions, rock festivals, national and international tours with many artists of diverse genres. He is experienced in playing to a click track in both the recording studio and live setting. Jeff is easy to get along with, open minded and a team player as well as being able to adapt his look and playing style to many diverse situations.

Drum Instructor – He has many years of experience teaching an eclectic portfolio of students ranging from 5 years of age to 65.

Producer/Engineer– Jeff's experience in a recording studio ranges from Country Music to Blues to Rock and Metal, recording all instruments, mixing and producing from start to finish.

Actor – Jeffrey Moscone has been the featured artist/actor in music videos as well as writing, directing and acting in a short film.

Touring/Performing Experience

o     Person2Person (Top40/Pop)

·     1993, 1994, 1995, 1996

o     TKO (Top40/Pop)

·     1996, 1997

o     Days of Rage (Metal)

·     2004, 2005

o     Stephen Pearcy of RATT (80's Rock)

·     2008

o     Jetboy (80's Rock)

·     2008, 2009

Tour Highlights - Rocklahoma Festival, South Texas Rock Fest, Rock the Bayou Festival, San Francisco Haight Street Festival, Anaheim Convention Center, Sleep Train Amphitheaters and many more.



o     1998 to 2000 - Private lessons, Boston, MA

o     2002 to 2009 - Private lessons, San Francisco, CA

o     2008 to 2009 - Drum Instructor at Music Land School of Music in Fremont, CA

o     20010 to Current - Private lessons, Hollywood, CA

o     2010 – Produced, “Drum Lessons on the Fly” drum instruction video series on YouTube to provide free drum lessons around the world


Recording Credits

o     Artist, Days of Rage (Metal) – Drummer for “Days of Rage” EP, winner of the Best Indie Metal Record of the Year, LA Music Awards, 2004

o     Artist, The Peter London Band (Pop Rock) – “Runaway”, Atlas Records (iTunes & CDbaby)

o     Artist, Jetboy (Rock) – Crue Believers on Cleopatra Records, Drums on Jetboy cover of “Saints of LA” originally recorded by Motley Crue on Motley Records

o     Artist, Living Dead Things (Punk) – Drums on Self Titled Debut Album (iTunes)

o     Artist, REOG (Metal) – Contributed Drums, Lyrics, Recording and Mixing for the album “Final Tears Falling” (iTunes) and other various singles

o     Artist, Huey Dee (Blues) – Drums on the “Singles Fool For You” & “Cruzin’”

o     Artist, Keith Pittel (Pop) – Drums and Master for the single “Tell Me A Story”

o     Artist, Danny Hauger (Pop) – Drums and Mix “The Question” & “Slow Dance” (iTunes)

o     Artist, Morgan Ridge (Country) – Drums and Recording for the single “Believe”

o     Artist, Fetal Zombie (Hard Rock) – Drums on Three Singles (available on iTunes and Amazon)

o     Artist, Jeffrey Moscone (Rock) – The single “Bulletproof” written & Recorded by Jeff

o     Artist, Mike Starzec (Hard Rock) – Drums on Four Singles

o     Artist, BadBot (Hip Hop) – Produced 5 Singles

o     Artist, Patrick Vega (Rock) – Drums on the single, Bad Rabbit

o     Aritist, Michelle Anderson – Recorded and Mixed 2 Singles “Alone” & “Thrown Away” Featured on the Hit TV Show, Pretty Little Liars

o     Artist, Greg O’Kane & Tony Wilson- Drums on 4 Singles, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered all Instruments and vocals

o     Artist, Edward Sheremet – Drums for 3 Singles Featured in the TBR Film, “LA Crime Story”

o     Artist, John Dissed – Drums for forthcoming concept album written around JFK conspiracies

o     Artist, Cover Project w/John Dissed – Drums, mixing and mastering for Pretty In Pink



o     Drummer for Motyaeva Nellie (Russian Pop Artist), Music Video, Produced by Oleg Tolstov/Monolit

•     http://youtu.be/sfKHP6EPHuc

o     Final Tears, Short Film (40 Minute) – Writer, Producer and Lead Actor


o     Drummer for REOG, Music Video for “Reflections”, Produced by Leon Melas


o     Producer for Rockhall Doctors DVD



o     SilverFox Drumsticks www.silverfoxpercussion.com

o     Rock & Roll Gangstar Apparel and Accessories www.rockandrollgangstar.com

o     Pickbay Guitar Pick Jewelry www.pickbay.com

o     De La Cruz Cymbals www.mariodelacruz.com

o     Dark Horse Percussion www.darkhorsepercussion.com